Working On The Road – Tips To Follow

Working on roadways can be quite dangerous due to the continuous presence of traffic flow – both vehicles and pedestrians. Not only should the actual workers take precautions to avoid getting themselves injured, but they should also take precautions to avoid any harm coming to the vehicles and individuals passing through the construction area. Below are some of the most important tips to follow when working on the road:

  • Cordon off the work area – since construction work on roadways is often done right in the middle of the road, one of the most important things to do is separating the work area from the areas where traffic may pass. To cordon off the area and prevent access to all except work personnel, make sure to use traffic cones, barrels and barriers that properly indicate the areas that are off-limits.
    • Control traffic flow – simply delineating the work area is not enough, especially if the roadway has constant and heavy traffic flow. Make sure to alert oncoming vehicles from both sides of the work area ahead in advance, and have them shift to temporary lanes accordingly. It is useful to have an additional buffer area with space to handle an extra vehicle or two. Use proper road signals and banners to let them know that work is taking place on the road, and to slow down accordingly. Having a number of invigilators who can coordinate traffic flow can greatly help smoothen the transition of vehicles.
      • Use the proper workwear – when it comes to working on the road, it is of utmost importance to wear the adequate safety gear. Visibility and safety are the two most important points to look into, with visibility being especially important in you are working in low visibility circumstances or at night. Have the road workers wear reflective, fluorescent vests at all times so as to ensure that drivers can clearly see them.
        Furthermore, make sure that hard hats, ear mufflers, gloves, adequate work shoes and other safety gear is properly worn to minimize any potential harm that may occur to workers in using any of the construction equipment whilst working on the road.
        • Maintain awareness of the surroundings – despite all precautions taken, a lack of awareness of the situation by one party can easily cause an accident. Always make sure to signal out to other drivers and passers-by in the vicinity when heavy equipment or vehicle pass through (especially if they are reversing or unloading). The presence of a number of spotters can always help reduce the dangers of driving heavy vehicles.
          • Breaks and hydration – besides avoiding accidents, it is also important to look into the health of the road workers. Working on the road in the middle of the day can be extremely exhausting – especially in the hotter months of the year – which is why overseers should always take care to see that none of the workers looks too tired, dehydrated or dizzy. Suffering from heat strokes or dehydration is very common, so make sure all workers are constantly hydrated, wear protective sunscreen and take frequent breaks in the shade. For more information, please click here.camping-stuff-sale

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