Dos And Don’ts Before Your Big Day

There’s a number of dos and don’ts you will have to focus on before your big day, most of which will be told to you and briefed well before the actual date. However, you yourself will have to keep tabs on several of these before it gets too late so listed below are some of them to help you get through this very exciting time!

Get everything prepared

Once you’ve managed to get through with the process of planning, you have to now get everything prepared. This includes the littlest things from your hair brooch to the final wedding deco! Do start your preparations well ahead of time, and don’t settle for anything last moment. 

Double check

Double checking is the way to go, start with the warehouse wedding venue, the guest list, the food and catering, finally the entertainment. These things will be done by your maid of honour or best man, but you will have some say in this so remind them when you feel like it’s time for the checking to be done! Don’t keep this for the last minute. Read this article to find out the best warehouse wedding venue.

Don’t panic

The first tip to having a great day; do not panic! The moment you panic, your partner is going to panic, and then it goes on and on like a chain reaction. Therefore, the moment you act calm and composed until you figure things out is when everyone will follow your lead. You are bound to expect a lot of things to go out of your way, some you can deal with but others that you have no control over, however, each one can be resolves or just tossed aside, you choose! Therefore, stay as positive as you can throughout the entire ordeal and you won’t feel too traumatized.

Do expect last minute changes

While you might have prepared for this day since forever, you need to brace yourself for all the possible last minute changes that is going to come your way. This could either be minor changes that won’t bother you to even having to move the venue to something such as exclusive conference venues due to unavoidable circumstances. Whatever the changes that have to be made however, where you have no option, will have to be taken up positively! Don’t worry too much about them, and stay as calm as you can!These are some tips to help you get through the last few days leading to your big day, so pay enough attention and be prepared and everything will be a smooth ride!

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