Decorating Your Home With Cushions

One simple trick to re-decorating your living room is to add some cushions. You will not believe the transformation that will occur because of this simple addition. There are some things you need to know about selecting cushions, however. You have to think about the sizes, the number of cushions, colour and texture.

The best thing to do about selecting colour for the cushions is by taking direction from the existing colours in your living room. One rule to remember is that you should never have cushions that match with the sofa. This will cause them to blend in with the sofa. You can find inspiration by standing in the middle of the living room and looking around at the curtains, bookshelves, coffee table, throw rugs in the room so you can find a colour for the cushions. By choosing a colour that is already in the room, you will be able to tie up the different elements in the room together. The standard size for a square cushion is about 18 inches on each side. These will fit in well the normal dimensions of the sofas. Read this article to gain information about luxury throws and soft furnishings.

You can also go for a bigger luxurious cushion so that you can give the living room an informal and comfortable touch. Feather cushions will be quite expensive but they are able to hold their shape well. While foam pillows hold shape as well, they can look a bit stiff. Think about the overall feel and theme of the living room. A living room that is more traditional can do with an even number of cushions while an eclectic or modern living room will look better with an odd number of cushions. You can go for different textures as well. A texture that is different from the sofa will give a beautiful contrast. For example, you can have linen cushions with a sofa of leather upholstery or a shiny texture on a comfortable soft couch. Make sure that you take your colour palette with you when you go shopping for cushions. You will find it easier when you’re shopping online so that you can compare different shades of colours. The colour that that is already in your room can be used as the dominant colour for the cushion. And then you can have a few different colours that complement the dominant colour. These colours shouldn’t necessarily be found in your living room. You can also go for different shapes of cushions as well. This will infuse more variation into an otherwise monotonous room. Think about how you’re going to style the cushions. You can stick to an average number of cushions such as 3 to 5 cushions. This will be a safe option that will work with any setting. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go higher or lower depending on how fabulous the end result is.

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