A Treatment That Is Economical And Would Last Longer

All you girls, boys, ladies and gentlemen out there, do you want to look fashionable? Do you want to feel good about your appearance? Do you want to be sporting a look like no other? Oh! Really? So, you want your mane coloured but you no time for regulars visits to the salon every few weeks for touch ups after that because you have more urgent matters to attend to. NO! NO! You do not have to worry anymore. There are techniques in the market that are economical and long lasting. Want to know why it is economical? It is economical because it will not have a regrowth or a demarcation line. Even if you are busy and cannot colour your locks for one month, it will not look terrible. Well, interested in knowing what it is being referred to?

It is balayage hair that is being referred to? Please don’t get us wrong. What we are referring to is a technique not a look. From where did the techniques get its name? It is a French colouring technique that came into existence in the 1970s. It is a technique in which the colour is applied by hand. It can be applied to any length of crop; however, it will look best on shoulder length crops. Want to know how it is done? The process of applying this technique varies depending on the length of your crop and the results that you desire.

You can either get individual strands or get sections or the ends coloured. It is up to you to decide what kind of look/s you want. The rate of maintenance of your crop depends on the look/s you opt for.

One vital thing to keep in mind, if you do not want to cause damage to your hair in the process of colouring, is to go to the best hair dresser in town. You will have to initially visit her/him several times to build up the colour you require completely. It is better to visit her/him once in six weeks. After the initial visits, you can expect the colour to remain on your hair for about four months. What you will have to do thereafter go for touch ups in between visits. Sounds economical, doesn’t it?

Now, you want some maintenance tips? First and foremost, get your crop coloured, as mentioned above, by a trained professional. After it has been coloured, keep your crop in good condition by using high quality shampoos and conditioners. Then, you will look as good as ever!

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